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Interior Design

Interior Design | Lighting Design 

Thoughtful interior design infuses our practice of residential architecture. Principal Celeste Lewis' penchant for interiors – part natural affinity and part hard-won skill gained working for a pioneer of Portland interior design – leans toward the lasting over the trendy.

Our first step on any project is to work with the client to set the architectural palette, understanding that tile, countertop, cabinets, flooring, and trim work can be one's best allies in good design. Our priority is to give expression to the client’s aesthetic. To stand the test of time the more permanent elements of our palettes are often more neutral, with bolder gestures made through ephemeral elements like paint, fixtures, furniture, rugs. When tastes change or a client's needs evolve, these can be replaced, but the bones of the design remain intact – timeless and adaptable.

CLA's award-winning approach to architectural lighting design emphasizes flexibility as well. Celeste's lighting skills were honed early in her career through intensive restaurant design and an emphasis on both back-of-house utility and front-of-house ambience. We carry this dual focus to our residential lighting design, creating flexible task and ambient lighting solutions that evolves with clients' needs.

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