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Green Design

Green Design

Green Design 

At Celeste Lewis Architecture "green design" means making homes more sustainable and more gracious to inhabit. Yes, remodeling and new home construction are inherently resource-intensive and as green architects we need to mitigate that impact. But at its core, green design is about more than mitigation, it's about creation – making homes healthy and optimized for our needs.

Home energy performance is key to this green design.Any time we remodel or design a new home, we have the opportunity to make home energy improvements that not only reduce the home's carbon footprint but also make it quieter, cozier, healthier, and less expensive to operate. And with ready access to diagnostic tools like blower door tests, duct blaster tests, and energy modeling we are data-driven in our green design work, enabling us to dial-in transformative improvements in performance. The effect on your experience of your house can be revolutionary.

Equally important is the "right sizing" of your home.Many homes today are encumbered with inefficient circulation and wasted, unused spaces. We employ careful space and circulation planning to clear away clutter and optimize the square footage you already have in your home. So that large planned addition might become smaller or even unnecessary. Or maybe a "nip and tuck" is even in order. Either way you'll enjoy a better space that was not only less resource-intensive build but is less expensive to own and maintain.

Of course, green design encompasses a wide range of other sustainability considerations, including material choices, local sourcing, waste stream, and more. Our LEED Accreditedand Earth Advantage Institute-trained staff will help guide you through the landscape of green building and arrive at the balanced green design solution that's right for you, your goals and your house.

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